Wednesday, March 3, 2010

fabulous pink nite

wonder girl
semua lelaki melopong tgk 4 org nieh
tp jangan tertipu sorang lagi tu lelaki

kak ju yg mg diva
suke tgk die menari

ahp singer n the dancer
nk tau die nk nyanyi lagu apa "bad romance" from lady gaga
panas beb bkn apa sbb die punye dancer

me, eva n aishah
i love her

my workplace

pashmina yg beshh

ok, this party been held for rebranding of mnp site (cehh..ala2 nak promote new product) and to celebrate one of our om (operation manager) due to she transfer to another project. so, as usual we have barbeq, performance like dancing and singing and etc...

so, everyone enjoyed that nite and the theme is fabulous pink and the person who wear most outstanding fit will be win CSL BLUEBERRY PHONE. the phone was so cute coz its color shocking pink...huhu. the performance from our singer meb gaga and he sing bad romance and dancing from junior (wonder girl) was exiciting...ahahaha. sgt gedik sbnrnya and jika nk tgk, videonye ada kat my facebook

nasi tambah: ingatkan nk dapat phone tu but not my luck...haih. i never lucky

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