Saturday, February 7, 2009




yam, zue n nor


believe or not if i said that i dun have bestie rite now. yup, after all my bestie married, everythin i do myself alone or with my b. yeah, i really miss hanging out with girlfen, gossiping, shopping n etc...i got housemate (already stay for 2 years) but never hanging out together coz they are totally not like me.
someone want to be my fren, that like shop,gossip, pics n what girls normally do. i can be a good fren...: (

p/s: miss all my fren


~ n.u.r ~ mommy wannabe said...

siannyer aku baca post mung nih..hahhaha aku kan ader...walaupun im married tp kalau bab2 shoping ni ok jeer...hehehhehehe

syakirah said...

hahaha....tulah mama suh mung kawen dol...aiyoo. pastu my turn lak.adow anak raja pinang aku jap g.

shida is my name said...

haha...mmg pum nk nikoh, tp nk jgk saing