Wednesday, February 4, 2009


her box

her name

hehe.... a box, what so special. for me very special coz for the first time one of my loyal cust buy 30 of tudung fara...huhu. before this, she always buy three pieces only then, she said want 30 pieces. mula2nye, aku ingat die main2 je coz ramai gak email n sms nk beli byk2, then x jadi. but this cust after aku bgtau the price, die trs agree n apa lg ari ni aku poskan.
x sempat nk amik gmbr dlm but she is lucky coz stok baru fara br je smpi...THANK U SO MUCH DEAR

p/s: semoga aku mkn ramai pelanggan...amin!

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