Friday, February 5, 2010

bowling, karok and movies....what else do u want in a day...haha

aku n rene yg bersggh2 menyanyi

gaya kitaorg ms karok wonder girl, nobody

nom 2 yeay

perempuan cantik

my group

yellow or my theme


yup, last wed i had bowling tournament between group in our companies. n our performance not so good compared before this but at least we manage to get num 2 in this tournament. alhamdulilah. n after that my TL bermurah hati mau belanja karok, so we karok almost 4 hours at red box the curve. smpi one of my fren hilang suara...ahaha

n due to wed movie murah kitaorg tgk movie, tooth fairy. siut ah mmg best n lawak. nati buat review...ehehehe. but the most important all those thing plus lunch i only have to pay RM16...hehe. berbalo-berbaloi

nasi tambah: kan best kalau tiap2 hari ada orang mau belanja, mampu? hahaha

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