Wednesday, January 27, 2010

people always said "age is just a number"

muke geli si tua x sedar diri...haha

i always heard people said that age is just a number n i believe that. yes, as a women i concerned about my age especially if im still single at this age. org kata "dh layak sgt kalau kahwin" but sometimes when it talk abt jodoh, maybe mine not as luck as others.

sometimes, i do jealous when i see women younger than me n already married n have kids. when i saw them, eg at the mall, si suami akn tolak stroll baby n isteri akn ada di sebelah sambil pegang tgn atau tolak bersama2...i feel they are very lucky coz their life already complete (tambah lagi jeles kalau couple tersebut comel and anak diorang comel and diorang sangat stylo).

but still i dont want to think about it too much and dont want to be as an issue for me not to enjoy my life coz i always believe everyone have their uniqueness path of life.

nasi tambah: till then, im happy for what i am today


Aja said...

i felt the same way as u do... but mcm kita pun lucky jugak what..sebab sampai sekarang kita still diberi byk pilihan untuk memilih..yg dah kawin tu dah takde pilihan lain dah..huhuhu...

d ogo said...

very cool


shida is my name said...

haha...harap2 tak silap pilih ye