Saturday, August 6, 2011

when u are adult

when typing this, only 10 minutes before azan maghrib left. my comp and blog clock was totally different but in dont know how to fix it.

have u ever think ur life will be in future? that ur imagination will be totally different with ur reality. usually people will have basic imagination life. they hoping life will be run smoothly as their want.

first, we will go the primary school (yup, kindergarten also is must now), then secondary school, then college. usually, people i met will have this routine. n the most boring part is work. sometimes, people will do any job just for the sake of money (salary) either they desperate to get that job or they being paid high to do that job.

i always envy REALLY envy for people that turn their passionate to work like shea, justkhai n many more. i wish i can be like them. rite now, im just doing my job but lost passionate n excitment.

i wish one day, i can make something that i really like.

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