Saturday, April 9, 2011

macaroons at T forty two

this is green tea, yummmy

i love paper bag instead of plastic bag
see the blue box "love n scandal"

here the macaroons
yg ats tu harga RM5 each, bwh RM3.90 each

ni lah kedai die, orang tu aku srh ambik gambar dekat sbb dalam tu ada byk makanan
tp langsung x nmpk kan....

ni perut dh kenyang gle lepas melantak A&W
nak g jalan2 dalam amcorp mall kejap

owh, finally i eat macaroons today.....yeaayyy. i've been craving this for a long time. ok, this start since i read my sis facebook status "craving for macaroons" and i was thinking what on earth is macaroons. i thought at first time its macaroni (-____-).

yeah, i'm so lame but after i read cik epal blog about she eat macaroons at one utama n showed the pics, i was ooooo. so, i heard more n more stories blogger eat macaroons. some said at harrod bestla, at empire mall la, at one utama la. but all the place, i was so malas to drive.

so today, i n my sis n my boy went to A&W to eat but u know my sis (rite know she's crazy of red velvet cake n cupcake at bangsar) ask me to go bangsar to try red velvet cupcake at delicious. then, i remember that fashion valet (vivy yusof) make an event at T forty two n i saw there is macaroons.

so, i straight away to that cafen i saw macaroons (arghh, i was soo happy) n we all like jakun in front of the cafe. the cafe's decorations was really superb (memang macam tempat orang berniaga juta2) n was soooo cozy.

the price one macaroons is RM3.90 n RM5 per each. of coursela, i choose the cheap one. i choose 2 chocolate n yellow one (and its mango quite sour) due to only have 3 flavor. but u know the exciting part, the SA there was really friendly n ask me either to eat there n when we paid, the SA gives 3 macaroons three for trial.

the SA gives me 2 green color(green tea) n pink (strawberry) for trial. actually at first i want to try the green color but after the SA told me green color for green tea, i was errkkk. tapi rasanya sedap rupanya coz its not taste of green tea at all n inti like peanut.

conclusionsnya, makan jarang2 bolehla der....aku pun nak try je kot.