Thursday, April 14, 2011

PART 2: prepaid or postpaid?

rite now, celcom change to celcom axiata

dulu celcom one of the TM subs but not now

ok, we are back with celcom thing or telco again. today i will explain to u about the basic thing! sometimes people do not know what is prepaid n postpaid. when explain the prepaid is the reload/top up one, then they will understand. postpaid is the bill one....then they will ooooo. so rite know, u know rite the differentiation rite so pls dont confuse anymore after this k

ok, let's check it out

prepaid - everyone can use this. u just go to the shop and buy it. the price was soo cheap lately and u can choose the number and the package. it's all depend on ur need. no matter u are foreigner or Malaysian citizens or ur age, u can use prepaid. so easyyy maa. u can have 10 accounts under the same name. so, one for wife, one for scandal, one for work....(-___-).
but yeah, if u are working, its really not cool to use prepaid. hello, u need to top up everytime to use it. so uncool rite but if u are blacklisted (nothing can do). prepaid also have many advantage okay :
* u can control ur usage (postpaid also can actually)
* many benefits like bonus such as reload bonus, monthly bonus, birthday bonus n etc (according to the package that u use)
* suitable for teenagers n kids
* call n sms will be cheaper (because they have services that any friend or fam or someone that u always call n sms after the services activated

* u need to top up first
* reload have their own validity (expiry date)
* have expiry date, like if u are not reload the num at 50 days n above, ur num will terminated.

postpaid -available for 18 n above and for the foreigner, they need to top up money (RM500)

u use first and pay later. but in celcom u pay first then use (-___-). as a working person, u must be hate if ur prepaid running out of credit and at the same time u have emergency or need to make important call. or if ur work always to make calls n calls so postpaid is the best solutions.

postpaid also have many packages so choose wisely according to ur need. u can also add services like monthly broadband (internet), blackberry services and etc. before reg the package, PLEASE bear in mind that once u already reg and signed the form, means that u are agree to follow the t&c. ( we always receive cases that said cust are been cheated because they took the sim card at celcom dealer and they never use it but bill is running)

hello, postpaid is different, once we activate ur number by system, even though u never use the number, the fee still running. remember that!!

if u are using postpaid, we will send the bill to ur addres or u can view bill through internet. so, pls check ur bill, so that u can see the billing image. u have to know when to pay the bill to avoid call barring, ur outstanding, ur latest usage and many more. u can check ur bill via phone n sms too.


* anyone can use
*reload first, use later
* have validity and expiry date
* u can check the credit balance or latest promo or ur packages via *118#, *119# (foc)

*18 n above
* have to pay ur bill according ur billing cycle to avoid call barring
* also can ur bill, ur last payment or promo via *118# (foc), sms (send BOD n 22200 n it will be charged RM0.15 for receive sms and internet (online customer service )

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