Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MOVIE TIME : Love and the other Drugs

cantik kan die. aku minat die sejak berlakon the princess diaries

adeih, why soooo comelll

comel kan

nak jugak hubby macam nie

why i want to watch this movie. first, because the actor n actress. oh GOD, who doesnt love Anne Hathaway n Jake Gyllenhaal(im not sure the spelling). anne so cutee n charming and jake was soooo handsome nnnnn gentleman in this movie.

second, its a comedy romantic. yeah, i love comedy romantic, any girls dont? u gotta be kidding coz mostly comedy romantic by mat sallleh ni quite okla.

third. because its combination of life. sex, happy, sad. camooon everyone love it especially adult rite. so this movie really for adult ONLY. hehe

the story was simple, anne have parkinson and jake is a medical salesperson. so, they meet n make love and after that, they fall in love. yeah, at first its only sex n sex but after that, they realize the love each other but they have to face reality that anne is a parkinson person.

so, they need to struggle to survive and have some argument but yeah happy ending.

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